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Reinforcement Bar Coupler

Coupler Assembly

Installation of Ecofix Coupler

  • Good quality shear cut bars with sharp perpendicular cutting or saw cutting may be used.The taper threading is provided on bar ends with proprietory branded threading equipment and thread cutting tools.

  • Threading of reinforcement bars must be carried out by Ecofix trained operator.The thread checking gauge is used for checking the threads.The threads shall be covered by thread protection plastic cap while storing.

  • The bent bars may be threaded on threading machine provided straight length of the bent bar-end to be threaded is more than 0.5 m. If not so,The bars may be threaded in straight lengths, connected thoroughly and bar bending is carried out subsequently. The bent must be minimum 100mm apart from thread bar end.

  • The bar is connected to coupler sleeve initially by hand tightening and then with pipe wrench.

  • The Ecofix menhanical splicing is full strength threaded butt splicing that achieves strength with fully engaged threading of coupler and reinforcement bars.Therefore, it is essential to ensure adequate tightening of splicing connection for effective load tranfer.

Standard Coupler

Position Coupler

Standard Coupler

  • Run the coupler to the end of the thread on the fixed bar.

  • Position and rotate the continuation bar in the coupler.

  • Tighten the joint using a wrench on the continuation bar

Position Coupler

  • Run the lock nut followed by the coupler to the end of the thread on the continuation bar.

  • Postition the continuation bar with the coupler up to the fixed bar.

  • Run the coupler from the continuation bar onto the fixed bar, to the end of the thread.

  • Run the locknut along the continuation bar to touch the coupler.

  • Using a pair of wrenches, hold the coupler firm and tighten the lock nut against it.

Ecofix Mechanical Splicing

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